Visiting professors

To discharge the responsibility of building the capacity of 34 universities and public offices of   the   country   AAU   has   developed   various   PhD   programs   in   collaboration   with international universities  to  address the capacity building requirements of this nation which is growing in population to close 100 million. Likewise, those new universities need to upgrade their faculty size in number and quality of the faculty members to share the burden of AAU. In present times, recent universities such as Haramaya, Hawassa, Mekelle, BahirDar and Jimma have launched PhD programs in limited areas and have started to share the burden of capacity building with AAU. This is highly gratifying to both AAU and Sida that have been putting so many resources to reach at this noble goal and proceed beyond.

This unprecedented expansion at AAU has created shortage of senior faculty that can handle courses and supervision of research activities. To successfully run the in-house PhD programs and research endeavors, the University established collaborations with many internationally acclaimed universities. These collaborations have resulted in the mobility of many professors  from  the  North  and  Africa  to  teach  in  block  courses,  supervise students jointly with Ethiopian professors and examine the same at the defense of their PhD dissertations.