Besides managing the day-to-day ICT services of AAU and assisting the smooth functioning of the  research  and  teaching  processes,  particularly  focused  on  the  graduate  programs supported by Sida, the ICT Office has very closely worked with Sida Stockholm, regional ICT centers of the universities in Tanzania, Mozambique and Rwanda. The ICT Office has worked on the assessment of its systems, comparing its status with the regional ICT Centers and identifying the gaps that so that some improvements could be made to link up these universities with the support of Sida.

In this effort Sida Stockholm has sent two experts into the region to understand firsthand the ICT status of the universities supported by Sida in Eastern Africa. The same team came to AAU and made visits to the main ICT center at the Main Campus and all other satellite campuses of AAU. The report of the same has been submitted to Sida and AAU that clearly indicated the gaps. To further strengthen and validate the document, a teleconference was conducted with all the visited African regional universities. In the case of Ethiopia, the Embassy of Sweden in Addis Ababa offered the AAU ICT participants a space on its campus.

The aim of the whole exercises was the realization of the importance of ICT in the present globalized world and the poor ICT status of the visited universities. It was thus believed that ICT  is  a  game  changer  in  all  university  activities  whereby  any  impact  made  on  the improvement of the same would make significant positive impact in the knowledge and technology creation and dissemination of the same around the globe.

The ICT Center at AAU had in previous years worked with ICT firms especially hired to develop softwares to automate the University academic and management systems. The software so developed with the support of Sida had fully automated the registrar, finance, the library and other systems. In this Sida-AAU agreement year, the ICT Office of AAU has worked in the implementation  of  the  national  Oracle-based  finance  and  management  softwareat  AAU finance and budge system. that has now replaced the AAU customized software for financial services.

This process inevitably required complimentary trainings to AAU employees in finance, management, student services and other which had to be run by the coordination of the ICT Office of AAU.