Graduate Library

AAU library is currently expanding to meet the growing number and demands of graduate students. This is overburdened by thousands of undergraduate students.  This has been felt strongly by AAU and the Ethiopian Government that allocated the required budget to put up a new structure as that is much bigger than the old but vital Kennedy Library, a donation by the Kennedy Family, USA. Now the AAU library is working relentlessly to equip this new library with the necessary facilities using Sida grants. So far, facilities for mini printing and digitization shops have been purchased (see illustrations, below) and the library is being networked to provide it with internet facilities.

The library has entered into agreements with international publishing houses organized by International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications (INASP) among whom prominent publishers such as  Elsevier and others to make contemporary publications available to graduate students and researchers.

PhD and MA/MSc dissertations are being uploaded as soon as they are defended successfully and the soft copies come into the Main Library.

Addressing  the  networking  problems of  twenty two  AAU  libraries  and  facilitating  the exchange  of  soft  copy  materials  to  users  to  any  distant  request  point  is  surely  a challenging task given the ages old still unresolved ICT infrastructure of AAU.