Message from the coordinator

Given the above background, the Grants’ Coordination Office has gone great strides not only in winning new grants to AAU, but also to implement approved projects as per the grant agreement documents toward achieving the desired outcomes to serve society.

In due course the Grants’ Office has received appreciation from user AAU institutions, academic staff who traveled to international conferences and PhD students who did parts of their research at international universities abroad.

The Office highly appreciates the support it obtained from the Office of the President and the Vice Presidents, the Budget and Finance Directorate of the University and most of all from the Sida Office at the Embassy of Sweden in Addis Ababa.

With the hope and firm belief that the support of the above offices continues the Grants’ Coordination Office commits itself anew to serve the AAU community and donor organizations such as Sida/Sweden that it works as per the agreements reached to achieve the desired goals that satisfy all parties.